Why Star Wars’ Rise Of Skywalker Follow-Up Movie Should Absolutely Include Characters From The Disney+ Shows

Why Star Wars’ Rise Of Skywalker Follow-Up Movie Should Absolutely Include Characters From The Disney+ Shows

In case it needs to be said, Disney should absolutely incorporate characters from the Disney+ Star Wars shows into any post-Sequel Trilogy projects.

What Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Has to Prove

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Disney just released a special look teaser at Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. In this video I go over what I think the J.J. Abrams’ movie needs to make Rey and Kylo Ren’s last adventure in Episode 9 a great one.
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The Rise of Skywalker, and the Fall of Star Wars (Part 1)

Well, this is it. The movie we’ve all been dreading has finally arrived – The Rise of Skywalker. Join me for Part 1 of my review and analysis.

Grab your pints of rum and let’s get into this.

Oh no! The Rise of Skywalker was real bad 🙁

It wasn’t a good movie.

Click your favorite thing that ended up not mattering in Episode IX:
Most of the visuals from Rey’s force vision in TFA https://www.patreon.com/JennyNicholson
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The Knights of Ren https://www.twitch.tv/progamerjenny
Poe’s arc in the second movie https://www.instagram.com/spider_jewel/
The literal or symbolic implications of the skywalker saber breaking clean in half, including its kyber crystal, when a slightly cracked kyber crystal is the reason Kylo Ren’s blade is extremely volatile and a kyber crystal/saber is typically a symbol for the soul of the character it belongs to https://spiderjewel.tumblr.com/
Rey’s happiness https://www.facebook.com/JennyNicholsonVids/

EVERYTHING Wrong w/ Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker!

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We basically recall the ENTIRE Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker film from memory in order to debate and discuss all the Spoilers, Plotholes, Mcguffins and Elements that just didn’t work – along with those that DID work! Get strapped in, its our longest video ever!

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