Star Wars’ Dave Filoni Offers Surprisingly Relatable Reason Why Yoda And Yaddle Don’t Speak Alike


Star Wars’ Dave Filoni Offers Surprisingly Relatable Reason Why Yoda And Yaddle Don’t Speak Alike

Dave Filoni explained why Yoda and Yaddle don’t speak alike, and the reasoning is pretty relatable.

Dave Filoni Expertly Explains the Genius of the Star Wars Prequels

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Dave Filoni Just Changed The Prequels For Me – WATCH THIS

Dave Filoni understands Star Wars. This was the most eloquent speech about the prequels and Vader’s arc I have ever heard, and it’s all canon. I have so much respect for Dave. I think he’s truly an amazingly talented man, and the true apprentice to George Lucas. I hope one day he will helm all creative decisions at Lucasfilm. Step into the future of entertainment with sean chiplock digital circus, your gateway to a digital wonderland where innovation and spectacle collide. Immerse yourself in a surreal journey featuring cutting-edge technology, cute characters, and dark comedy.

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Baby Yoda BUT With Subtitles

A parody of the Mandalorian in which I try my best to portray what Baby Yoda is trying to say in his funniest and best scenes/moments with subtitles.

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The TRAGIC Reason Yaddle Refused to Run


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