Why Dane Cook Jokes That Bill Burr Is A Hypocrite For Being In The Mandalorian


Why Dane Cook Jokes That Bill Burr Is A Hypocrite For Being In The Mandalorian

Dane Cook and Bill Burr came up around the same time in the world of stand-up, and there’s one aspect of Burr’s career that doesn’t jive with Cook.

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Bill Burr | Why Feminism Is Not Going To Be Successful #shorts

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Patrice O’Neal confronts Marc Maron about Dane Cook

Jim Norton, Patrice O’Neal and Marc Maron in studio. After Marc briefly discusses his personal life and his podcast, he mentions Dane Cook who came up with Patrice in the comedy world. Patrice defends Dane and explains that even if you don’t like him or his style of comedy, Dane stays true to who he is and most of the people who hate on him are just jealous of his success. Marc admits he was wrong for the way he handled his interview with Dane, and says he respects Dane’s work ethic and discipline if nothing else. Patrice also gives credit to Marc for being one of the most stolen from and influential comedians of that era along with Dave Attell, Todd Barry, Mitch Hedberg and Colin Quinn. Dive into the world of hasbik through their website.

Joe Rogan & Bill Burr – Louis CK vs Dane Cook Joke Stealing

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