The first 10 things to know before going to the university of toronto

Big school. Big choice. It's a big opportunity

I have asked three current or former students at the University of Toronto to collect a short list of things to be aware of at level 12 students before accepting their offer in U T. I've been asking for answers from these star students to get the best or the most readvice

There are two things I hope to get from this list:

  • -a brief overview of the diverse experience of school
  • The unclear information about whether this is the right school for you
  • 1. There are three campuses

    First of all, you need to know which campus you are using. Some programs are offered only on certain campuses, so check which program you are using!

    To sum up each one quickly, there is a huge population and large class sizes in the center of St. George. The UTM (Missesauga) is refined, elegant and has a higher level of community/university than the other two. The UTSC (Scarborough) is considered a "high school" because most of them are connected to the ground (which is a blessing in winter)

    2. College system is a great way to find a community in a huge institution

    The unique university system in U T creates a space for university students on campus, which must go through social events, training seminars and additional circulars. The main goal of the colleges is one of the many female students who can gain access to new people and gain additional academic support

    3. Yes, you can replace

    I lived in Brampton, and every day I had to go to "T". I had two hours in one case, and I took three modes of transport. It will be a difficult task, but I do not allow you to go to work so you can't go there

    4. You can customize your degree according to your interests

    U T is unique in its academic mock-up that you have not been going to a particular area of study in your first year, that is, you have the opportunity to pass a series of courses from numerous departments before choosing your program in the second year!

    I'd like to know more about my Assyrian fan. Fortunately, the Middle East division has a course called "The History of Christian Christianity"

    5. Your first years are likely to make you cry, so get yourself a tissue box

    In my first chemistry test, I got 23%. I was devastated, and my professor said I should quit. I didn' t listen, and in my next test, I doubled my level to 46%! It's not the end of the world. You can complete your assessment

    6. If you're fighting with your estimates, there are tools that will help you

    So you took the class you wanted to love, but now it looks like a GPA-ruiner. "T" has "credit, non-credit" option (CR-NCR) for optional courses. To declare a course as NCR is a date, but if you cannot complete the course and you need to restore this course, it is not a "friendly" option. If you selected NCR in your class, your class will be displayed as either in the case of a transfer or in the event of a failure (no percentage)

    7. The library system is one of the best in North America

    U T has a third best library system in North America, which was only at Harvard and Yale. You will not be able to understand as much as possible before the second or third year, but you have access to any book, article, magazine, film or newspaper that you need. If one of many U libraries has a book that you want to receive, you can get it to the library closest to you for three days free of charge

    8. Fitness programs and sports halls are excellent

    Although most schools now have a modern fitness center, you have a few. Regardless of whether you have a fitness guru or you're trying to make a one-week commitment, you can choose a gym that has a right for you. Hart House is less "intensive" and more welcoming novice! In addition, it is in the cool old building and has a pool with luminol lumines, and is open up to 10pm! On the night of the night, swimming with your friends under the candle lights is exactly the same. In addition, each of the fitness centers has classes and programs paid for by your student fees

    9. You can find out what everyone else is doing-keeping yourself under house arrest

    It can be so easy to compare yourself with everyone else when people around you make such amazing things-don't forget to do things that make you happy, take the courses you use, and most importantly: remember that you are your man

    10. Don't go to U T for prestige

    I went to the ST University because I wanted to say that I was a graduate of the most popular school in Canada. When I applied to law school, it didn' t matter. Transparency is what matters! If you think you could outperform another school, but it doesn't have the same prestige, go to that school instead. Trust me

    * Views expressed in respect of the author, and not necessarily for the "Student life" or their partners

    Vincent is the managing director of Don't Freak Out! (DFO) is a company that teaches high school students how to manage their money. He also speaks about groups of young professionals on subjects such as how to find your passion, how to be an effective young leader and how to maintain healthy physical and mental habits