Andor: The Star Wars Show’s Latest Episode Threw In A Pretty Cool Indiana Jones Easter Egg


Andor: The Star Wars Show’s Latest Episode Threw In A Pretty Cool Indiana Jones Easter Egg

The latest episode of Andor, “The Axe Forgets,” has premiered, and it includes a cool Indiana Jones Easter egg.


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Cassian Andor is back! Five years prior to Rogue One, we get to see how one of our favorite Rebel spies joined up with the Alliance. In this video we break down every connection to the Star Wars galaxy, and see the economic underpinnings of the Rebellion in the first three episodes of Andor.

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Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey (
Research By Ethan Eng
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright, Randolf Nombrado, Srinidhi Rao, and Ethan Lavinsky

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Welcome to ScreenCrush, I’m Ryan Arey, and this is all of the easter eggs, references, and little things that you might have missed in episodes one through 3 of Andor. If you’ve only seen the first episode, watch us for a while, watch the next one, and come back. We’ll be here waiting for you, because you’re amazing.

Now a lot of you are going to think this show starts off kind of slow, and takes a while to get going. And you’re not wrong.

But so far, this is one thing I love about this show. It’s an origin story for both Cassian Andor, and for the Rebellion. These first three episodes really take their time showing the day to day life in the galaxy. Not through the eyes of a jedi or a pirate–but through a poor person. These people are just like the junk all over their planet–they’ve all been discarded by the wealthy.

This is the key element to forming a rebellion. If the empire treated all its citizens well and everyone earned a living wage, then there never would have been a revolution. But this show is showing us the economic underpinnings of the rebellion. It’s showing us why we fight.

I’m actually super glad this is a star wars project with space wizards. They’re only special if they’re rare.

Maybe this show is more geared toward adults than past Star wars projects. There is a lot of 80s tech laying around to fuel our nostalgia. But if there’s rom for different genres in Star wars, then I say, why not have a star wars show that f***s.

I’m going to go into more detail about the show’s themes, and explain the flashbacks a little later in the videos. But first, let’s go through some easter eggs.

The first easter egg is in the title screen: Cassian’s droid, B2EMO has joined the droids in the opening star wars title. Next we go to the blackness of space, the great unknown. At this point in history, small rebel cells are beginning to form on different planets, with no contact to one another. Each of them is isolated, but they’re looking into this same darkness and wondering if there are other rebels out there, like them. Then, slowly, dawn comes onto a planet. The reveal of light in the galaxy is a theme in Star Wars that keeps recurring as a symbol of hope. There’s the light of the jedi, Rey’s name is ray like a ray of light, and force awakens was pretty over the top with this symbolism.

Showing dawn on this world is appropriate because the series is showing us the dawn of the rebellion. And then the letters of Andor’s name slowly drift together, like the different rebel bands in the galaxy slowly forming a united military unit. This is also symbolizing how Andor himself was going to come into his own in this series. And finally the dawn of the planet becomes a proto rebel alliance symbol, because the dawn of the rebellion is a new dawn for the galaxy,

You’ll notice that the planet font matches the style of Rogue One: A Star Wars story, which is a prequel to A New Hope, and this show is kind of a prequel to that movie.

We open on Morlana One, a corporate zone.

Here’s what this means. So when America was being industrialized, a company would open up a factory in town, and then build a town around it. These were company towns, where every other business like groceries stores, bars, etc.–basically existed to serve that factory. And we’re seeing the same thing here.

Morlana is a network of planets that is ruled by this corporation. Now the empire supports this organization, they pay taxes to the government, and supply them with material–but the empire has no interest in governing this place directly. It’s kind of like the cloud city in the empire strikes back. That was a mining facility that was trying to keep the empire from being interested in them.

Andor | Official Trailer | English | DisneyPlus Hotstar

All for the Rebellion. Watch the brand-new trailer for #Andor, an Original series from Star Wars, and experience the three-episode premiere streaming September 21.


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Andor – The Best Show At The Worst Time

Andor is without doubt the best Star Wars show that Disney have managed to produce. Yeah, that’s not exactly a high benchmark, but its something. So it’s kind of a shame nobody’s bothered to watch it, probably because we’ve had to endure such absolute garbage to get here.

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