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What inspired you to negotiate?

During my time at the Queen's University, I loved to study. It was so cool to have direct access to the experts in the field and study all these new things in class

I've studied environmental science, but it's not just an environment that excused me. I have taken courses in fifteen different subjects-from religion to computer science and to everything between them. For me, he heard about these subjects and the studies that made him alive. His reading in dense scientific articles was not the same

After graduation, I'm still so sorry to hear the new ideas, and I thought that other people like you might feel the same way. That's why I started negotiating, sharing new ideas and research with people

How has it been so far?

It was a great experience! I'm still shocked that they want to talk to me. I was lucky to have talked to the professors of our great country and all over the world. Everyone has been incredibly generous with their time, and they show how much they care about their knowledge-sharing work with others. Without them, I'd be just talking to a microphone with a full load of quiet, so I'm definitely grateful they're ready to keep me in the company and give me some answers

After each conversation, I got a little bit cleverer. For example, after the fifth episode, I had a better understanding of how artificial intelligence could affect our world, from transportation to health, and from 34-I-I-I-34-I have taught me the stories of fur trade and how I went to the Hudson's Bay store. It really likes to read a new book with every conversation

What roadblocks do you run?

There are not many obstacles, but maintaining the speed of posting one interview per day for 100 days can be a difficult task. That's a pretty tight schedule. In Apple podcasts, there are a number of beh-the-scenes works that should be done so you can see the episode every day in Apple

The interview itself actually takes about 10% of the total production time. First of all, we have an interview order. Finding the right professor takes some time. I may have read more university lecturers than anyone else on the planet! After I find the professor I want to talk to, there's no guarantee that they're interesting or ready to talk. One of them requires about seven messages. After I get that "yes," I will do some of my own research to get to know them and find answers to the questions I'd like to ask

After the interview you will work on editing and decryption to make a blog article. Anyone who has to record information from voice mail knows how long the propiska is running. You'll never forget all the information for the first time, so you'll have to go back to do it a couple of times. It's like this, but instead of just having a phone number, it's going to be 1,000 + words

Finally, before I publish an interview, I give every professor a chance to look at it. Academicians love the accuracy to appreciate this step, but this process takes some time

In general, despite the fact that I really enjoy this problem, but like any good challenge, it's not just

So, what's the plan? What happens next to you and the Ashes?

With the negotiation, I'm just focused on finishing these 100 days of interviews. I didn' t think too much in the past, but I'm enjoying the process and the dialogue, so I probably will.  I'll probably go with something a little more manageable than one post a day

In September, I will go back to the university for a degree. I took a few courses during my first degree and realized just how powerful the tool is. Computers control our world today, and they will be even more important in the future, so while I'm still young, I want to get a deeper understanding of how computing can be used to solve complex problems

Let us know about some people or resources in your life that have helped you with this

Nothing in life is done entirely on its own. Of course, if it was just me, it wouldn't be a big interview. Every professor I talked to was obviously very big. My friends and family were also amazing to support, encourage and for individual ideas

If you want to exit and start your own podcast, it's all the resources I used to make this happen:

  • Website and hosting:
  • Podcasts Plug-in: Blubrery PowerPress (is available free of charge from This leads to podcasts such as Apple Podcasts
  • Software: Garageband
  • Audio after production:
  • The interview is: Skype and
  • Interview schedule:
  • How do you manage your obligations with other commitments?

    It will definitely take a long time, but that's why I took this year to school and other important commitments to focus on this project. I take this as a full-time job, because at the same time, what I need to do is get 100 interviews at the time I set myself up

    How did you decide to reject when it comes to building negotiations?

    I'm dealing with a big diversion. I sent an average of seven letters so one professor would agree. I quickly realized that it was just a natural part of this project

    In life, it's easy to focus on negatives, but instead of living with all people who don't want to talk to me, I'm focused on those who do it. It's like all things in life, if you decide to focus on the positive, it would be a lot easier to turn away from rejection and rejection

    What are the skills that help you make this vision a reality?

    My curiosity and love of learning are big reasons why I like to create a Pre-conversation just like I did when I started

    I was a kid who asked his parents a million questions a day. I would have been at the airport and turned to my mother and said, "Mom, how do these planes fly?"or I would be wandering around the beach and wondering, " Why do the sea shells look like this? ". I've always wondered. Sometimes my friends say that talking to me can be an interrogation because I'm asking questions without stopping. The interviewer is perfect for me, because I can ask endless questions without having to experience other senses, like the NCIS episode

    What advice do you give to a student who wants to follow the same path?

    Shut up in. If you wait until it's perfect, you'll never start

    I heard that Reed Hoffman (co-founder of LinkedIn) said that looking back, you should be embarrassed by your first product. I believe that. As you create and develop what you create, you should, of course, look back and pay attention to the difference starting from the moment of launch. But you won't get to the beginning. So make a leap of faith and dive into something you want to do

    All books or articles that you would recommend to other young people/students to check?

    We all have negative self-esteem, doubts and fears. These limitations can be huge barrians on the way to what we want to achieve in life. This book has helped me to reflect on how my past experience affects how I think and act today. You will be ahead of the game if you start thinking about these mental roadblocks as a student, because most people will never take the time to think about these things

    It's important to think about saving money from an early age. That's why I started

    I just read this classic, and now it's one of my favorite books. It was perfectly written and quite quickly read. It's easy to get in a normal life, and this book helps us to understand what really matters in life

    Search for books on your behalf. Go to the trusted source of the news and see what they recommend to you. For me, I am now interested in the topics of innovation in cities, so it was a very interesting reading on this topic

    What do you want to know before you start?

    After the first interview, I had a literal puddle under my arm. My shirt is completely different. When I was talking to my roommate that night, I shared with him how nervous I was to screw up or say something wrong. He was like, "Do you know that you can just edit the material after that?"

    That little piece of advice was just a revelation. I don't often have to do this, but just knowing that I can make me more calm (and dry) during the interview

    Who inspired you? Who are some of your role models?

    I was inspired by anyone who watches their passions and has the courage to do something in the world. From the Royal Universities of Adrien and Hill, who are killing him with 437 swimming brands on Elon Musk, which solves some of the world's most pressing problems, it is encouraging that people are taking action

    In particular, I really inspired the Bjarke Ingels, the Danish architect and founded the Bjarke Ingels Group. You don't have to be an architect to appreciate it. The creative work that he brings to his projects is unbelievable. I recommend that you check it

    From the point of view of the role models and the people I'm looking for, it will be my family. I am really close to them, and all of them are values that I admire, including positivity, discipline and wit

    How can you spin this?

    Of course, socialization is very big. I'm going to food or drinks with friends or just hanging out and playing video games is my idea of a good time. I'm a sports fan, so I've been following the Raptors in the NBA Play-offs lately

    I think it's important to find ways to bring joy to everyday life. I really enjoy the comedian Theo von and his podcast

    Other materials that I consume:

    What kind of advice do you give to high school students who transfer to high school?

    I was a guided tour guide, introduced at Queen's University for four years, so I think I'm definitely qualified to answer that question. One of the most serious problems of secondary school students is the choice of school attendance. My biggest advice is not to sweat. Wherever you go, you'll get a great education, and you can have a great time. That's what you put into your experience that really matters

    If you are not sure what you want to learn, there are some schools (for example, Queen's), where you will complete the first year before you choose most of the second year. It was amazing for me, because I was in a different program than the one I originally planned out of school. Try choosing a school that will give you this opportunity

    If you are not sure what you want to do, or even if the post-educational training is acceptable to you, it is normal to make a decision. I know there might be a lot of pressure to move from high school to university or college, but it's not the only route. I have friends who didn' t rush their decisions and took a year to work, a volunteer, or a business trip to find out what they wanted to do. It was the best thing they've ever done, so it's also an option

    And the post-secondary students were moving on to their careers?

    I'm at this stage, so I probably won't answer that. But I really believe in your interests, and I don't pay any attention to where it might lead to you. Your interests or passions can change over time, and that's okay, but doing something that you love is how you do your best work

    Finally, please take these recommendations and other tips that you will receive with the grain of salt. It's important to live your life, not someone else

    What's the best advice you've ever had?

    I once talked to my big brother and told him that I wanted to start dating more. He said: " It's good that this is a great Adam, but it's not good enough to just have a purpose. How are you going to achieve it? "

    Then he broke it for me, " You need a plan to get you there. How many dates are you going to take? Are you going to do one week or one every other week? Are you going to join the apps or are you going to ask your friends? It's quite normal if you have this target, but it has a plan to back it up. "

    It's about any purpose, not just my personal life. I even used it to create a Prof Talk. I didn' t just decide to do the podcast about the research, I made myself pledge myself to make 100 episodes and take one every day.  Set ambitious goals, but you have a plan to put it into action

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