services for writers

Services for Writers

Writing is the single most powerful form of communication. The written word has longevity. It has the capacity to educate, inform, sell, and entertain. A writer’s job is to produce words that resonate with readers — words that shine.

What happens to the words you write? Will they end up in a slush pile on an editor’s desk? Sitting in an agent’s inbox? Will your words stay hidden, buried in some file on your computer’s hard drive?

Every successful writer has enlisted help from others. Nobody gets to the top alone, but with commitment, passion, and a little assistance, a dedicated writer can craft words that people want to read, words that people will pay to read.

Editorial and Coaching Services

Hiring an editor or a writing coach is a big step for any writer, and an important one. When you hire a professional to edit, proofread, or critique your work, you are investing in your writing and in your future. More importantly, you are investing in yourself.

I have a broad range of writing experience, and I work full time as a professional blogger, website designer, and copywriter. But my passion is helping other writers meet their full potential. I provide the following services for writers who are serious about their craft:

If you’re looking for someone to help you get that article polished, make sure your latest short story is free of grammatical hiccups, offer constructive feedback on your novel, or assist with promoting your writing through your blog or website, then look no further. I’m here to help.

You’ve written the words. What will you do with them? Please contact me, and let’s work together to make your writing shine.


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