Adventures in Writing: The Complete Collection

Adventures in Writing: The Complete Collection

Adventures in Writing The Complete Collection

Adventures in Writing: The Complete Collection takes you on a fun and exciting adventure through the world of creative writing.

This volume includes all three books in the Adventures in Writing series with built-in savings — you get all three books at a lower price than you’d pay if you bought each title individually:

This series is designed to help you on your journey toward becoming a more prolific and skilled writer and to make that journey fun, interesting, and challenging.

The books address various forms of writing: freewriting, journaling, memoir, fiction, poetry, article writing, and blogging. The sections that deal with fiction cover a range of genres: literary, suspense, thriller, mystery, science fiction, fantasy, horror, romance, historical, humor, satire, children’s, and young adult. By experimenting with different forms and genres, you’ll become a more seasoned writer.

Ideal for new and experienced writers alike and perfect for creative writing classes and workshops, Adventures in Writing: The Complete Collection will enlighten, inspire, and motivate you with fresh ideas and proven writing techniques.

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I LOVE this book…

…it is chalk full of information for newbies like me, and also tons of interesting and fun writing prompts to choose from depending on my mood at the moment! — Jozzy26 (Amazon)


“All three books are very helpful and are getting a lot of use.” — Michael OBrien (Amazon)


“Easy to understand, practical, full immediately feasible ideas.” — István Taubert (Amazon)

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